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Nearby Information


About meals and surrounding shops

HANAGURI does not provide any meals.
Recommended nearby information is below.
Store name Genre Remarks Distance/Bicycle time Regular holiday Business hours
Lawson Convenience store Hakata IC soba. We also recommend purchasing the night before. 1.8km (about 6 minutes) None
Cafe Un Fil French Hakata IC soba. This is a very delicious
French restaurant that uses local ingredients.
1.8km (about 6 minutes) Tuesday
Cherry blossoms Okonomiyaki This is a really delicious okonomiyaki !
If you have a large number of people, please try the mega size.
1.7km (about 6 minutes) Wednesday 11:00 ~ 21:30
Wind Okonomiyaki Hakata IC soba. This is a locally popular okonomiyaki restaurant. 1.8km (about 6 minutes) Monday 11:00 ~ 14:30
Roadside Station Hakata Oasis Various Hakata IC soba.
There is an in-store restaurant and food court ,
where you can enjoy a variety of meals from ramen to sashimi set meals.
1.8km (about 6 minutes) None Restaurant 11:00-14:00
Food court 11:00-15:00
Akakichi Sushi A proud local restaurant listed in the Michelin Guide.
You can enjoy amazing sushi that you will never regret .
4.3km (about 15 minutes) Tuesday 18:00 ~ 22:00

WAKKA, a comprehensive cycling facility on neighboring Omishima Island, offers a variety of cycling support services, including rental bicycle return services, cycle taxis, luggage delivery, support cars, on-site repairs, and private car forwarding.

Various activities

WAKKA on Omishima offers more than 20 types of activities.

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